your consultation

Before we start, we'll have an in-depth chat about your Brows...What are you un-happy with? What do we need to work on? Also, what is your ultimate outcome?

Together, we will devise a treatment plan - just for you.
Then, onto your treatment (where you may just float off into the land of nod).

your treatment

The Eyebrow Bar is proud to devote and lavish time on achieving your naturally gorgeous and flattering Brows. Good things take time, that's why the treatment times allocated here at TEB are second-to-none.

For the best, clean, bangin' result for you, a combination of waxing and tweezing is used to remove the unwanted hairs (don't fret, the wax is specifically designed for the most sensitive of skins). 

We work with your natural Brow shape to enhance, define and take your Brows to the 'next level'.

If you choose the 'Eyebrow Revolution Treatment' (highly recommended for the majority of new clients), a 'Custom Colour Tint' is then applied, which, can really give instant fullness and depth to make your Brows pop! We pride ourselves on mixing up the correct colour combo to tie in with your natural colouring's for a natural, harmonious result.
Lastly, a Brow Pencil is applied for a defined, polished finish, along with a super-soothing after-care gel to reduce any redness.

Your maintenance

You'll be armed with easy-to-follow advice to continue on your 'Eyebrow Expedition' from home. Finally, we'll book in your next appointment to ensure those beautiful new Brows continue to be well maintained and on point.