Welcome to the home of Bangin' Brows in Christchurch.

I'm just a little bit (OK, a lot!) obsessed with eyebrows, and it's this state of eyebrow enlightenment I'd like to share with you.

Let's rewind to 2005...when my utter fascination with Brows began. Working in a local salon, I quickly discovered that shaping Brows was my favourite treatment to perform - by a country mile. I believe that it was the attention-to-detail that reeled me in, and, of course, the fact that I could drastically enhance my clients over-all look in such a short space of time.

Fast-forward to 2007 - 2011... I was living in London, where, I discovered the amazing Brow Bar concept which were prominent throughout the large U.K department stores. I just had to bring this wisdom back to little ol' NZ, but, with my own spin on things.

In May 2015 'The Eyebrow Bar' was born and I've been changing the way that Eyebrows are done ever since. I've erased the status-quo of a quick 5 minute wax and nonchalant attitudes towards Brow treatments. This is the revolution you've been waiting for.

My distinguishing feature is in Eyebrow Transformations. Whether you have been a victim of' 'Brow Butchery' or simply just gone tweezer mad at home (trust me we've all been there), I can cater to every facial faux-pas.

I truly believe that nature generally does a pretty good job and what you're born with is usually the most flattering frame for your face. All you need is a little magic from me to enhance, define, and take your Brows to the next level.

To ensure you're on the highway to Bangin' Brows I have devised my own unique process and customized a tailored solution for your Eyebrow Expedition! 

Let's make a statement and together we can achieve true 'Em-'Brow'-er-ment'.

I look forward to seeing you soon.